Each indicator tip, contact point, and stylus is manufactured from start to finish at our facility in Dayton, Ohio. By keeping all production in house, Carbide Probes can guarantee that the highest quality is being built into every part.

Concept Design

Using state-of-the-art CAD technology, all of our products are designed and manufactured with quality precision to meet the needs of our customers. With nearly 3,000 different contact points, styli and indicator tips which are available for immediate delivery, Carbide Probes’ extensive product line offers solutions for many measurement tasks. Customers with special requirements can forward their request to one of our skilled technicians to assist in the design of custom-made contact points or styli based upon the specifications supplied.



The lathe department is where the fabrication of every standard and custom part which Carbide Probes creates takes place – using state-of-the-art CNC Swiss lathes.


The assembly room is where expert machinists put a great amount of detail into the construction of each contact point and stylus. Making sure each one is perfect for the job.


In the grinding and polishing room, our expert machinists apply the finishing touches to every contact point and stylus by grinding and lap polishing operations as required.

Total Quality Managment

Our entire manufacturing process is subject to full quality control inspections, and every single product must meet strict quality standards in a final inspection before it is either shipped or placed in our stock inventory. Following a stringent quality control system ensures the customer can rely on our products every time…all the time.

From the receipt of all material and components used in our products, rigid inspection of these items takes place before they are used in the manufacturing process.
Multiple shop floor inspection of parts during manufacturing and upon completion ensures nothing passes unless it meets the correct dimensional specifications, criteria for materials, and structural integrity.
Once the manufacturing process of the product is completed, each part is tested once more to verify exacting quality. We utilize some of the best metrology equipment in the industry to check the dimensional specifications of every component, and the final assembly of our products.